Thursday, April 19, 2012

To my Sister's Defense

Being a big brother, I've got to take up for Beth. She may be a pain sometimes--
Hey, Ethan, is that taking up for me?
Hush, sis. I'm here to say good things about you.
So, Beth may have been the reason for the tagging system at the lock-in, but that system has saved the church from losing a couple of teens. And if you have teen, sometimes they sneak off. Hormones and teenage boys.

But if there's a job, a party or a person who needs help, Beth jumps in. No one has to twist her arm. She wants to fix everyone's life and have them happy.
That's praise?
As I was saying, Beth can be counted on to help. Her's a heart of gold. I'm proud she's my sister.
Ah, Ethan, I love ya.

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