Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A new beginning.

This fall is a new beginning for this blog...I'll be posting regularly and welcome all comments.  Invited them.  I'm going to still have my characters give behind the scenes comments on the current book, but I'll start blogging my thoughts.  And what crazy thoughts an author has.  Hopefully, it will give y'all insight.

Ethan is going to have his time.  He was a great guy, but was rather stubborn about sharing his secrets with me.  Don't you just hate when a man won't open up?  Well, it took me sometime to pry it out of him.  And of course, Tessa proved to be as much as a challenge.  She had her secrets, but was more willing to share.

I'm hoping you'll join me regularly here.  I'll enjoy sharing thoughts and for sure my characters will love having their say.