Thursday, May 24, 2012

This is Riley. I want to tell you how things have gone since my exciting night out.  Mom's getting better.  She's out of her casts.  She's still working from home, but she goes into work twice a week.  There's a guy at her office that picks her up.  I think he likes her.

Tyler's finished going through the police training academy.  He's going to be a bomb technician.   Beth is suck acting funny.  She's either barfing or eating like it's going out of style.  And Sophie is looking like she's going to have a baby soon.

Me. I started high school.  I'm bringing lots of new friends to Second Chance ranch.  I'm kinda a big deal.  And church is great.  Life's good, but I still miss my brother.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lynda McClure, here.  Mother of the brood.  Beth is my youngest.  I'll say my little girl was a blessing to our family.  Granted, I know she gave her brothers a hard time, but they were protective and loving of her.  When she tattled on them, my boys might have huffed and puffed and complained, but if anyone at school tried to bully her, they took up her cause.  I made more than one trip to the school to talk to the principal about either Zach or Ethan fighting.  It was always defending their sister.
Every time, Mom?
Yes, every time.
Gee, I didn't know.  Ah, thanks bros.